Hotmail Sign In

Here you will find everything you need to know or the Hotmail sign in. You use this to log in to Hotmail and related accounts, such as those of Live, Outlook or MSN. Do you have problems logging in to your e-mail account and you don’t know what it is? Then you will find the way to solve this.

Problems with Mac

It often happens that users of a Mac with the Safari browser receive the message “Something went wrong”. This is a separate issue that is not discussed here, but addressed on a different page. See the solutions for recent error messages.

How do you use the Hotmail login?

The way to log in to your Hotmail, Live, MSN or Outlook account with the Hotmail sign in is always the same steps. You first go to the registration page. There you select “Sign up” at the top right. Enter your email address here. In some cases you can also log in by entering your phone number, if you have set it up that way. Click on “Next”. Enter your chosen password on the new page. Then click on log in. If you have done everything correctly, you will now have access to your account.

It is important to realize that Hotmail accounts are often targeted by internet criminals. It is important that you protect your account properly. For example, you do not want to check the box “Keep me signed in”. This way, third parties cannot enter your account without your login details. Always pay close attention to this.

Problems with your password

Having trouble with your password because you forgot it? Then it is possible to create a new password. You do this by going to “Reset your password”. There you can indicate why you are unable to register. Then click on “Next”. You can now enter the email address of your Hotmail. You also enter the characters on the screen. Then click “Next”. If you entered security information when you created your account, you can now have a code sent to your phone number or alternative email address. You enter that code on the next page. You can then create a new password.

Let’s say you don’t have access to the phone number or alternate email address you provided. Then you can click on “I have not received a code”. You can then click on “I don’t have access to this”. You will receive new instructions and must go to “Recover your Microsoft account”. There you will find tips to ensure that you regain access.

Problems with the username

Having trouble with your username? Then you can recreate or restore it via the following steps. First you go to the page “Recover your username”. There you can enter your telephone number or alternative e-mail address that you entered when creating. Please note that you entered this when you created your account, otherwise it will not work. Click on “Next”. You will now receive a security code at the alternative email address or your phone. You can enter this on the page. Click on “Next”. You can now restore your username.

Tips and tricks for using Hotmail sign in

Do you want to make the most of the Hotmail sign in? In any case, pay attention to the following. For example, it is important to log in at least once a year to keep your account active. Also make sure that you always use an updated browser. Do you use your account regularly? Change your password every now and then.

Set up a Microsoft account

A Microsoft account is largely automatically set up during the process of creating an email account with, for example, Hotmail, Live or Outlook. That does not alter the fact that things can still go wrong. It is smart to use Microsoft’s webmail to test this. You can then simply log in online. If this works without problems, you can adjust the settings in your account.

It is important to know the difference between IMAP and POP3. If you use IMAP, your e-mail messages will remain on the server. If you use POP3, you download them from the provider’s server and remove them there. With IMAP you can therefore access your emails from multiple locations.

IMAP and POP3 settings for Hotmail

The settings for IMAP users are as follows.
Port: 993
Encryption: SSL / TLS

The settings for POP3 users are as follows.
Port: 995
Encryption: SSL / TLS

These settings apply to incoming email messages. It is important that you also set up the outgoing e-mail.

SMTP settings for Hotmail

You can configure the outgoing e-mail in the following way.
Port: 587
Encryption: STARTTLS

For this you use your password and username as you entered when creating your email address. You set the verification to yes. Security can be on STARTTLS, TLS or SSL. You use port 587 for this.

Problems logging in to Hotmail

You may encounter problems when using the hotmail sign in for one of your Microsoft accounts. There are many reasons why this occurs. You may have lost your password, or two-step verification applies. If you want to solve everything well, please read the FAQ elsewhere on this page. There solutions are given for all problems.

If you do not find an answer here, it could be the following. It is important to check the service status for your Microsoft account. You can reset your password. If you have recently changed your password, try your old password again. If this works, it is important to lock your account and then unlock it with the new password.

Check the service status

Having trouble with your Microsoft account? Then it is important to check the service status. If the status is not green, the barge is to wait for the service to work properly again. Then you can try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are regularly a number of frequently asked questions when it comes to the Hotmail sign. That is why you will find the answers to all these questions gathered here.

❓ How do you log in to a Hotmail account?

On this page there is a URL for the Hotmail sign. Click on it and use your email address and password to login.

✨ What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

You will then need to reset your password. Click here to take care of that.

✅ How do I install Hotmail or Outlook with Windows 10?

Do you want to install Hotmail or Outlook with Windows 10? Then you first need some important information. Find out your IMAP, POP3 and SMTP settings. Then go through the step-by-step plan as you will find on this page to set everything up properly so that you can use your email immediately.

⚡ Unknown user or wrong password?

If you get “Unknown user” or “Wrong password” notifications, it could be because the SSL is disabled in the browser. SSL is a method of establishing secure connections between a browser and a mail server. So it is important to check this in the web browser. If this is turned off, turn it on. After that you can simply log in via the Hotmail sign. It is possible to log in, but opening or sending email is a problem. Then it could be the connection. If this goes via proxy, turn off the proxy.

⭐ Can I only email via a secure connection?

Sending emails without a security such as SSL or TLS is not recommended because it is not secure. It is smart to view the settings for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP mentioned earlier on this page.

🏆 How many GB is Hotmail’s mailbox?

It is a maximum of 15 GB. Do you have a box that is almost full? Then you can make space by backing up your emails, emptying your trash, deleting old emails and emptying folders. Pay particular attention to messages with large attachments. It is important to use IMAP. When you then delete the messages, they will remain on your email service server. This way you can retrieve them via Hotmail webmail if necessary.

💎 Which browser can I use Hotmail with?

Hotmail is well suited for the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So make sure you have updated your browser.

✋ I cannot log in after changing the password?

Make sure you have not made a typo in your password. Also pay attention to the use of uppercase and lowercase letters. Have you used the correct numbers and punctuation marks? Is caps lock off? If you have copied and pasted the password, make sure that you have not brought a character too much. Have you not logged in for more than a year? Then your account has become inactive. You can no longer restore it. Also pay attention to whether you have spelled your e-mail address correctly.

🛑 Can you no longer use webmail via Mac?

This is an issue that occurs with outdated versions of MacOS. If your version is older than High Sierra, it is important to update or upgrade first.

👉 My mailbox is full with Vista Mail and Mac Mail?

Most email programs have a setting that copies the email message and saves it on the server. For example, Vista Mail and Mac Mail have this setting enabled by default. It is important to check and turn this off. This way you can prevent your mailbox from filling up.

❗ What is the difference between IMAP and POP3?

With IMAP and POP3 you can retrieve e-mail from an e-mail server. The methods have similarities and differences, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The main difference is that POP3 downloads the email from the server, while IMAP keeps the email on the server.

❌ What should I do if my account is blocked?

It happens that your Microsoft account is temporarily blocked. This happens when unusual login activities take place. In that case it is important to reset your password. You must then first unlock your account. You can find out how to do that here on the page.

➰ Can you also find e-mail from webmail in Outlook or Apple mail?

When you send an email with Hotmail webmail, you will only see it in the folder with sent messages in webmail. It will not appear in all other email programs that you have synchronized your account with. Do you want to read them in your program as well as in the webmail? Then it is smart to enable the copy option so that a copy is always sent to the mail server. Please note, because your mailbox fills up faster with this setting. Therefore, delete the emails that are no longer needed in time.

🥇 Do you see an error about login?

Sometimes you get the message “You must be logged in to access this page”. This is often because the cookie settings on your browser are not in order. Then change this first. Then log in again. You should now be able to use your account securely.